Dr. Amanda Foster is a licensed psychologist with a PhD in Counseling Psychology. She draws from multiple traditions in her work with clients. While trained as a generalist, she has specialized training and experience in mindfulness-based, interpersonal psychotherapy, and group therapy.

Dr. Foster believes that counseling should be a safe, respectful, and warm environment in which to join you on your journey of self-exploration. While Dr. Foster is trained in a number of therapeutic techniques, there is no one approach that fits all individuals. Dr. Foster works together with clients to develop a therapeutic relationship that allows you the space that you need to achieve your goals. Sometimes that will mean that giving you very direct feedback and guidance to help you survive a crisis while at other times, it may mean simply being present with you, non-judgmentally, in whatever feelings arise during your sessions.

As a biracial Black/White woman, Dr. Foster is passionate about issues of diversity and social justice. She views her work through a multicultural and feminist lens, meaning that most problems are best understood within the context of culture. She is particularly interested in working with people of color and LGBQ individuals, as well as trans and gender non-conforming individuals. Dr. Foster strives to be sensitive to issues of race, gender, sexuality, ability, social class, and body size. Her practice is affirming of diverse relationship structures and sexual practices. Therapy is most effective if you feel safe, respected, and heard.

Contact Phone: 770-904-9272