Aysha Siddiqui specializes in ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Therapy and working with families, children and adults who have a diagnosis of Autism.

She provides parent training for parents of children and teens with SIB, Severe Behaviors or aggression.

Aysha is also a Certified Anger Management specialist (CAMS) working with anyone court mandated for Anger Management or individuals dealing with Anger issues. As a Certified Coach and her ABA training, Aysha offers a unique coaching model of Behavioral change coaching that can be applied for Stress Reduction, Behavior changes, empowerment, weight loss and career coaching as well. Aysha is well experienced in forming and presenting workshops for teens, young moms or families. She also offers In-Home consulting and therapy on very selective basis as she believes that any family that makes an effort to reach out for help should be reciprocated for those efforts.

Contact phone:  404-788-2222