Laura Louis, Ph.D.

A licensed psychologist, Dr. Laura Louis is a widely sought-after international speaker specializing in helping couples press the reset button after infidelity. Her signature five step training program, Marriage Matters, has helped over 5,000 couples reawaken their connection to build better and stronger relationships. Affectionately deemed the “Marriage Architect”, Dr. Louis gives couples the tools to build their marriages to last. If you are looking for a keynote speaker who will help your audience transform their intimate relationships for life, connect with her at

Contact numbers: 470-280-4428 or 404-496-8070

Najam Mehmood, LPC

Najam’s expertise lie in individual therapy, couples/marriage therapy, grief counseling & family counseling. Her medical background as a physician helps her work with clients who are experiencing physical illnesses leading to emotional problems and vice versa. Najam’s treatment model also includes CBT, DBT, Hypnotherapy & Meditation. She offers long term Psychoanalysis as well.

Najam believes that knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom, that the mind, body and spirit are connected. When these four elements are imbalanced, we experience pain, discomfort, sadness and anxiety. Her therapeutic approach is holistic & psychoanalytic. Healing comes from within. Your journey with Najam will lead you to discover happiness, contentment and self fulfillment. Remember, the first step to having what you want is the courage to eliminate what you don’t. Personal growth does not occur when things are easy, it occurs when we face challenges.

Contact Phone: 770-598-9475

Eglee Treber, LPC, RPT-S

Elgee is a bilingual, Spanish/English Licensed Professional Counselor and a Registered Play Therapist/Supervisor. She has over 40 years of experience in the mental health field doing individual, family and group therapy for children, adolescents, adults and couples. She is a member of the Association for Play Therapy and the regional branch Georgia Association for Play Therapy. Elgee has offered a wide variety of workshops for self-growth and seminars to adults and couples. She has experience working with a multicultural population and has supervised student interns over her years of clinical experience.

Contact Phone: 404-421-8650

Angie Heath, LCSW

Angie L. Heath is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in working with adults. She received her Bachelors from UNC- Charlotte and her masters from University of Denver. Angie has worked in the mental health field for twenty years. Angie started in private psychotherapy practice in 2002 and, after a couple geographic moves, joined Dr. Mehmood to start Parkway Psychotherapy and Wellness, LLC in October 2014.

Angie Heath will help you feel comfortable instantly while helping you to hone in on the issues in your life that need to be addressed. The main treatment approaches Angie utilizes are EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Dialectic Behavioral (DBT), and Family and Couples Therapy. Clients with Angie typically are struggling with depression, panic attacks or other anxiety issues, grief and loss, mood disorders, problematic behaviors, anger issues, ADD/ADHD, past abuse and traumas, or overwhelming stress. Angie is a LGBT affirming therapist. Angie Heath juggles a full-time practice while also being an active parent, a runner, tennis player, animal lover, and wife.

Contact phone: 770-807-2182 or 470-299-1379

Jennifer Fennell, PsyD

Jennifer’s experience with psych assessment, counseling, and therapy spans 15 years. Jennifer has a passion for helping others. Her patients include veterans, adults, children, adolescents and young adults. She has a great awareness and sensitivity to cultural and socioeconomic factors that influence disorders and treatment. Given this, Jennifer seeks to find ways to remove barriers so that clients can receive the help they deserve.

Therapeutically she focuses on the interpersonal needs and situational difficulties of her clients from a cognitive behavioral, client centered approach. Trained in and utilizing both prolonged exposure therapy and EMDR, Jennifer is very passionate about and specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of post traumatic stress disorder. She also works closely with several non-profit organizations to provide consultation, assessment, therapy and support.
For her Vitae and more information on her approach, and areas of focus please review her website:
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Ph: 470-299-1395
Licensed Psychologist | Ga. Lic. #3407

Dionne Reid-Hayles, LCSW

Dionne Reid-Hayles is Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in working with children, adolescents and adults. She is a graduate of Adelphi University in New York City where she earned my master’s degree in clinical social work. Her passion for working in the mental health field spans over 15 years, working with a very diverse population. Her approach to therapy is one that starts where you are. Dionne offers a supportive, non-judgmental and interactive style that fosters and empowers you to actualize your ideas, hopes, dreams and expectations.

She enjoys working with individuals who are experiencing depression, anxiety, postpartum depression, grief and loss, dual diagnosis, self-esteem, relationship issues, divorce, ADD, ADHD, sexual trauma, academic, career issues and more. Her main treatment approaches includes cognitive behavioral (CBT), eclectic, psychoanalytic approach and play therapy (with young children).

Dionne offers appointments Mondays through Thursdays along with some late evening appointments.

Graduate of Adelphi University, New York City
Phone: 1-470-299-1377 or 1-678-392-0727

Mike McHugh, LCSW

Mike McHugh is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 25 years of experience. Mike worked as primary therapist at a variety of settings including private psychiatric hospitals and with community mental health. Mike has also been a Case Manager for a Recovering Professional’s Program. In these capacities, he was involved in the treatment of addiction as well as other psychiatric illnesses, including mood, anxiety, and personality disorders.

Mike loves working with individuals, families, couples and groups. Early in his career he worked with children and adolescents. In recent years his work has been primarily with adults. Mike values the process of openness, being non-judgemental, practicing empathy and compassion. His therapy approach is grounded in mindfulness and utilizes principles from CBT, ACT and neuro-biology. Mike knows how difficult it is to ask for help and connect meaningfully with another. He strives to build a safe and trusting space to facilitate the healing process and greater mental and behavioral flexibility. He will assist in learning effective coping skills and emphasize how to set meaningful goals based upon your values.

Mike’s work has been strongly influenced by attachment theory, which illustrates the need to understand and achieve secure attachment in one’s life. Wisdom is earned often through struggle, learning from mistakes, but especially through healthy relationships. He brings down-to-earth humanity in his work with clients.

Phone: 1-678-851-0528 or 1-470-375-7727

Aysha Siddiqui, MS, ABA, ACC

Aysha Siddiqui specializes in ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Therapy and working with families, children and adults who have a diagnosis of Autism.

She provides parent training for parents of children and teens with SIB, Severe Behaviors or aggression.

Aysha is also a Certified Anger Management specialist (CAMS) working with anyone court mandated for Anger Management or individuals dealing with Anger issues. As a Certified Coach and her ABA training, Aysha offers a unique coaching model of Behavioral change coaching that can be applied for Stress Reduction, Behavior changes, empowerment, weight loss and career coaching as well. Aysha is well experienced in forming and presenting workshops for teens, young moms or families. She also offers In-Home consulting and therapy on very selective basis as she believes that any family that makes an effort to reach out for help should be reciprocated for those efforts.

Contact phone:  404-788-2222

Mahlet Endale, Ph.D.

In my counseling work I start with a foundation of Cognitive Behavioral and multicultural framework. I strive to help clients feel heard and empowered to find the right path that works for them specifically.  As your therapist, I will be by your side on this journey to self-discovery.  I will ask questions to help you see things in a new light.  I will help you carefully navigate complex decisions.  I will encourage you and stand by you as you face painful moments.  Finally, I will help you identify measured and sustainable steps to help you walk away from where you are now and into a better experience.

I especially appreciate working with individuals facing stress associated with how their intersecting identities come together to inform their day to day life.  Things like immigration status, gender and sexual identity, racial identity, ethnic identity, age, SES, being in a cross cultural family, our faith walk, and many other visible and invisible aspects of who we are that influence how we see the world and how the world sees us.  Sometimes these intersecting identities can result in experiences that come with stress, confusion, anxiety, trauma, and more.  I can help you explore these situations to understand what is happening to make them difficult and how to navigate them in a way that feels healthy for you.

Contact Phone:  404-369-3136

Amanda Foster, PhD

Dr. Amanda Foster is a licensed psychologist with a PhD in Counseling Psychology. She draws from multiple traditions in her work with clients. While trained as a generalist, she has specialized training and experience in mindfulness-based, interpersonal psychotherapy, and group therapy.

Dr. Foster believes that counseling should be a safe, respectful, and warm environment in which to join you on your journey of self-exploration. While Dr. Foster is trained in a number of therapeutic techniques, there is no one approach that fits all individuals. Dr. Foster works together with clients to develop a therapeutic relationship that allows you the space that you need to achieve your goals. Sometimes that will mean that giving you very direct feedback and guidance to help you survive a crisis while at other times, it may mean simply being present with you, non-judgmentally, in whatever feelings arise during your sessions.

As a biracial Black/White woman, Dr. Foster is passionate about issues of diversity and social justice. She views her work through a multicultural and feminist lens, meaning that most problems are best understood within the context of culture. She is particularly interested in working with people of color and LGBQ individuals, as well as trans and gender non-conforming individuals. Dr. Foster strives to be sensitive to issues of race, gender, sexuality, ability, social class, and body size. Her practice is affirming of diverse relationship structures and sexual practices. Therapy is most effective if you feel safe, respected, and heard.

Contact Phone: 770-904-9272