At Parkway Psychotherapy and Wellness we offer a variety of specializations and psychotherapy services. Our providers have expertise in couples counseling, psychological testing, child and adolescent counseling, substance abuse, trauma, anxiety and depression, mood disorders, and personality functioning. We provide professional psychotherapy services to assist with many mental health diagnoses as well as relationship rebuilding.

Morning, afternoon, and evening hours are available. Some therapists schedule on Saturdays. All sessions are by appointment only, and appointments must be scheduled by calling an individual therapist.

Individual Therapy

Managing high stress and intense emotions on your own can be difficult. A neutral, objective, and clinical perspective can guide you away from personal gridlock.

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Couples Counseling

Relationships can be challenging as there are expectations plus differing views from each partner. Our couples therapists specialize in helping you rebuild your intimate relationships.

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Family Therapy

When one family member suffers, so does the rest of the family. It is better to remedy a family member’s issues through the combined effort and understanding of family dynamics.

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Group Therapy

You are a part of the entire world, therefore you bring who you are in every relationship and life situation. Group therapy can be a powerful source to help with many life issues and improve connections.

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– Support with medical diagnoses like Cancer & HIV/Aids

– Stress Management

– Disability Issues

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