Psychotherapy Groups
We bring who we are to each relationship and life situation. Interestingly, we play out many of the same roles and dynamics in group that we play out in real life. In that sense, group therapy can help us gain insight, offer connections we may need, gain advice from multiple sources at one time, provide direction and support from others, and help us heal. Healing can take place especially in groups because we feel the groups’ support and impact that normally we could downplay if it solely had been from one person.

Would you like an excellent opportunity for practicing new skills, ideas, and behaviors in a small, supporting group environment? We regularly offer the following groups at Parkway Psychotherapy and Wellness:

  • Boundaries & Assertiveness
  • Meditation and Mindfulness Groups
  • Trauma Survivors
  • Women’s, Men’s, or Co-Ed Adult Groups
  • Wellness and Relapse Prevention for Chronic Depression and Bipolar with Angie Heath