The expansion of technology has brought therapy services to those that normally would not be able to commit to therapy. On-line, or as they say, tele-mental health, appointments are available with some of the clinicians at Parkway Psychotherapy and Wellness. On-line therapy can be convenient, secure, and HIPAA compliant with certain on-line platforms. Some of our clinicians have taken advanced training to meet standards for providing this service.

Face-to- face appointments allows your therapist the flexibility to share handouts and other resources right away, pick up on subtle nuisances in behavior or affect, connect with you emotionally with more depth, and apply therapeutic techniques not possible with video sessions, etc. However, on-line therapy has the great benefit of the convenience of appointments when it otherwise could not work due to rigid workplace hours, travel schedules, the difficulties of maneuvering Atlanta traffic plus a midday break, agoraphobia or other anxieties, health related pain/disability issues, and other reasons.

Each of the tele-mental health counselors has their own procedures of how they like to manage video/on-line sessions. The specific procedures can be explained to you when you inquire about this service.

On-line therapy is not accepted by all insurances.

Therapists that provide this service include: