Panic is one of the main reasons people seek counseling. Anyone that has ever experienced a panic attack wouldn’t wish it upon anyone else. It is scary, painful, and powerful. It can make you feel helpless and out of control. It can happen with a prompting event or feel like it’s coming out of the blue.

In general, the undercurrent of anxiety is loss of control. Our body and brain has a major reaction to situations that we cannot control. Treatment, therefore, focuses on becoming more comfortable with things not being in our control. Treatment includes giving you tools that will help you to feel confident that when you experience panic symptoms, you will be able to manage it.

Once you have had panic attacks, you may always experience them at some points of your life, especially if you have a genetic predisposition to anxiety. However, it very much is possible to have panic symptoms eventually once a year or less. It takes some time for your brain to rewire itself to not go to fight or flight, but you definitely can.

Most clinicians have their own approach to alleviate panic symptoms. Reach out to one of our anxiety specialists today to begin your collaborative treatment.