Are you starting to notice you carry your stress in your neck, shoulder, or back during times of high stress? Or maybe your stress leads to headaches…

Have you had ulcers or unexplained hair loss with doctors offering little more than a recommendation for stress management counseling?

Has significant people in your life or your supervisor warned you that the intensity that you handle stresses is causing them to reconsider the relationship?

We all experience stress. And sometimes we are dealt with a mound of stress that could be temporary or it could be long-term. When life gives us more than we can handle, it is a perfect time to invest in yourself. Many times clients will say when they are leaving a therapy session, “I feel ten times lighter.” That is a common reaction after therapy. It feels good to vent about our life concerns with someone that won’t interrupt, has our full attention, and is coming from an objective point of view. And it feels even greater when you find a collaborative counseling relationship that will help you develop techniques to manage stresses better. A good stress management counselor can offer techniques for managing stress, encourage you to practice self-care and/or exercise, discuss ways you can refresh and rejuvenate, problem solve with you on ways to alleviate stress, and support you.

We want to see improvement in clients. We expect most clients will come into counseling just for a brief period of time, get what they needed, and move on. Start your short-term counseling today to improve your health and mental health.